Thursday, November 17, 2016



Donald J. Trump - says a lot of wrong things, but God uses anyone; in the scriptures, the Lord used animals, heathen Kings, etc to bring about His will.

Many supported Obama 8 years ago as the First Black President, but the things he has done against Christianity and Morality are deeply astonishing in History:

*Christian bakeries in U.S have been closed down by judges appointed by Obama for refusing to bake cakes for homosexual marriages*

*People have been told to stop saying Happy Christmas and to say happy holidays because Obama believes that the Christ in Christmas offends none Christians in a country where about 80% are Christians.*

*Obama has withdrawn money meant for the education of children from schools that have refused to allow boys and girls to use the same bathrooms and toilets.*

*Obama ordered Chaplains in US army to stop using the Name of Jesus during funerals.*

*Christian companies have been forced to employ homosexuals by Obama judges*

*laws have been made that allows 15 years old children to have a sex change operation without parental consent.*

*The Bible has been removed from the beds of US Christian soldiers by Presidential order*

*Did nothing for Africa and actually punished African Countries with funds withdrawal because of our broad dislike for homosexuality.*

*He sanctioned Nigeria because President Jonathan  signed a bill against homosexuality.*

*He refused to visit his father’s country of Kenya because President Uhuru Kenyata is against homosexuality – he only visited Kenya last year; 7 years into his presidency so that it will not be on record that he never visited his fatherland as President, and when he visited, he tried to get President Kenyata to legalize homosexual marriage in secret.*

Hillary Clinton – supports everything Obama does.

Hillary would have continued all of Obama’s policies against Followers of Christ.

Many people like her because she is a woman and would have become the first female President just as we supported Obama when we saw he could become the first Black President.

*America is the most influential country in the world: once Obama came out to endorse homosexual marriage 4 years ago – the Prime Minister of Britain and the President of France did the same thing within weeks.*

According to Trump’s son, one of the things that his father rarely gets credit for, is the way he raised them:

*“How many children of billionaires turn out like us – no drugs, no alcohol, no tattoos, very responsible”.* Trump Jr.

Clinton ran for the office to protect Obama’s legacy.

*Jesus said “He or she that is not for us, is against us”.*

Please, let's support President DONALD J TRUMP with our prayers and love from within and far, that he may accomplish:


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Rise of Solution Providers

In our world, people are quick to complain about almost everything, they murmur and bemoan almost every inconvenienced around their lives. But going through scriptures, I discovered that highfliers are people who in spite of unfavourable circumstances, they still find time to think differently. God was in the beginning faced with formlessness, emptiness and darkness, but rather than dwell on the prevailing circumstances, he took advantage of the movement of the Spirit and declared his expectation. He said, let there be light. I have come to discover that the most important discovery in man's quest for dominion is the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit, your insight, vision and revelation into the deep things of God is accelerated. At Accelerate Global Impact Summit, expect uncommon revelation on the Holy Spirit. He is the electricity that powers every empowered being walking the face of the earth. With him you are sure to emerge a solution bearer.
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