Saturday, October 29, 2016

Embracing Personal Responsibility.

Embracing personal Responsibility. Responsibility is simply how we respond to our abilities. We have been wired up for greatness, but it takes our commitment to stiring up the gifts within us to see it manifest. Do you want to be on good terms with the government? Be a responsible citizen and you'll get on just fine, the government working to your advantage. But if you're breaking the rules right and left, watch out. The police aren't there just to be admired in their uniform. God also has an interest in keeping order, and he uses them to do it. That's why yoi must live responsibly - not just to avoid punishment but also because its the right way to live. Romans 13:3-5 Good morning and have a wordspired day. CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds ......igniting spirits.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Ten words of wisdom.
Never depend on single income.
Make investment to
create a second chance.
If you buy things you do not need,
soon you will have to sell things
you need.
Do not save what is left after
spending, but spend what is left
after saving.
Never test the depth of a river with
both feet.
Do not put all eggs in one basket.
Honesty is a very expensive gift.
Do not expect it from cheap
7. Past is a waste paper, present is
a newspaper, and future is a
question paper. Come out of your
past, control the present, and
secure the future.
8. When bad things happen in your
life, you have three choices. You
can either let it define you, let it
destroy you or you can let it
strengthen you.
9. Our eyes are in the front
because it is more important to
look ahead than to look backwards.
10. We use pencil when we were
young, but now we use pens. Do
you know why? Because mistakes in
childhood can easily be erased
unlike now...

The Vestiges of Kaduna Mafia

Bamidele Olateju wrote;
The Vestiges Of Kaduna Mafia Must Not Kill Aisha Buhari
Yesterday, Hajo Sani made preparations to leave Nigeria by British Airways to underscore her undue supervisory role over Aisha and be the chaperon again! She wasn't with Aisha when she gave the BBC interview, she's scrambling to go to London before Aisha proceeds to Brussels and say more stuff. They are angry as hell and are smarting from the exposé. Unfortunately for them, they cannot prevent BBC from airing the remaining part of the interview tomorrow and we are waiting with bated breath to hear it and to read it.
Buhari is a thorough Northern conservative who loves his wife. His winning the election changed all that as power mongers encircled him and stifled his wife. Aisha must have had it up to her neck and totally exasperated before she spilled it all out in London. My sources told me the influence of Hajo dates back to when Buhari married Aisha. Hajo was like the supervisory guide her. After she grew and carved her own niche and the husband won the presidency, the cabal engineered Hajo as her SA to cage her. There is no love lost between them. Hajo at about 10 years older is very overbearing. They hate each other like satan and Angel Michael - bare knuckle hatred. Hajo was a minister under Abacha. Like people with her kind of mold, she hugs power like bodysuit. The BBC interview was not a mistake. She has been totally encircled an alienated from her husband with Hajo usurping her role. She had to spill her frustrations and prod her husband to leave a legacy.
How does this concern you and I? The same poweful forces who emasculated Yar'Ardua are back in business. Kingibe is back! Imagine! Hajo sanni, Gen monguno NSA, Abba kyari and the big Cahuna - Mamman Daura. One of my sources this morning told me; "there is nothing human about Mamman Daura. He is evil. He does not talk. Nigeria cannot progress if he is alive and near Buhari." I was shaken!
Who is Mamman Daura? Why is he very powerful? Mamman Daura is one of the vestigial remains of the Kaduna Mafia. A dying breed whose grip on power receded after the death of Abacha. The origins of the Kaduna mafia revolves around the demise of the first republic. The loss of many Northern leaders in the 1966 coup prodded a group of Northern civil servants to rally around and oppose the new government of General Aguiyi Ironsi. The group, a diverse mixture of aristocrats and civil servants were predominantly Muslim and based in Kaduna. Many of its members were educated at the famous Barewa College in Zaria, and had demonstrated a certain level of managerial competence in comparison to some of their older contemporaries. They were known for their intelligence, commitment to the traditional values and socio-political interests of Northern Nigeria. Members were involved in varied aspects of the Nigerian nation, they were bank directors, ministers, military colonels and owners of business; their main differentiating symbol was the prominence of economic interest as a driving factor in their activities. The group thrived on an elaborate network of power alliances among northern aristocrats and government sympathizers who favored the groups pro-northern and Islamic bent. Famous members and allies includes Adamu Ciroma, Mamman Daura, Ibrahim Tahir, Mahmud Tukur, Gen.Shehu Musa Yar'Adua and Muhammadu Buhari. Unfortunately, as time revealed, they all departed from the ideals championed by Sir Ahmadu Bello. They looked after themselves and cared less about the people they had planned to protect. It was all about power. By the 1980's Buhari took a nationalistic view with a mission to restore values and put Nigeria straight. He did not hesitate to jail anyone from anywhere. His reputation as a patriot and lover of Nigeria as an indivisible entity emanated from there. He burnished his credentials by decisively destroying the Maitatsine sect and putting Islamic extremism out of the North until Babagida happened to us.
Can Buhari be trusted to take the necessary step to retrieve Nigeria from the grip of his uncle - Mamman Daura? I am not sure. He once withdrew Mamman Daura's aides, revoked his security and instructed them not to allow him into Aso Rock. Somehow, Mamman Daura found his way back and became more virulent. A grip on Buhari by Daura is a grip on Nigeria. Can Buhari be trusted to do the needful? I don't think so.
We must help him. He is helpless and totally caged! He cannot transcend the old order. His wife is way ahead of him on this and she wants her husband's name in gold. The BBC interview is a cry for help. For Aisha to take that step in a conservative Islamic family is an unusual step. To do it in London is very telling. It is a very bold, courageous and calculated step. I respect her courage. This morning, my sources fear for her life in the hands of this cabal. We must let them know that Aisha must not be silenced. She must not be killed. Those around Buhari are great power mongers with careless disregard for Nigeria. Just power for its own sake. Power that has not translated into anything for the teeming Northern youths and Nigerians in general.
My friends, let us galvanise the social media against Mamman Daura and his thieving factotum - Abba Kyari. Let us draw international attention to them and pressure them out of Aso Rock. We did it with "We Are Ready" campaign for the 2015 elections. We must do it again. Please share this update. #Aisha[truncated by WhatsApp]

Monday, October 24, 2016


Prospering in Life ..empowering your soul. Prosperity is predicated on a prospering soul. When the soul prospers, prosperity in life is guaranteed. 3 John 2 What are the components of the soul? 1. Emotion 2. Intellect 3. Will To prosper, we need Relationship (Emotion), Education (intellect) and Decision Making (Will). When your soul (Mind) is prospering, you are programmed to prosper in life. Joshua 1:8 So to prosper in your soul, pay attention to building quality relationship and committing yourself to acquiring quality education (formal or informal). And most importantly, making the right choices. It takes right choices to have quality relationship and education. Change your mind and see your life transform. Have a wordspired day CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds .....igniting spirits

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Bishop David Oyedepo
Live @ Faith Tabernacle

Every genuine encounter with the word, is an encounter with change of level.

Ezekiel 2:2 Impartation comes via raw revelation.

Luke 5:17

Today marks the end of dry season in my life, business, family and ministry.

1 Corinthians 2:9

Love is living a kingdom promotion priority life style.

Matt 6:33

It is committing to what God values is love - soul winning.

John 21:16-17 Capital proof of the love of God.

How powerful is the love of God at work in us.

Romans 8:28 - 30

Love never fails. It may be challenges but can never be defeated.

Challenged lovers of God end up supernatural winners.

The deeper your love for God, the higher our level of dominion.

1 Corinth 13:13

Matt 22:37-40

1 Corinthians 13:1-3

Anointing without love equals no impact. This is because the anointing delivers on love.

Love is what empowers the anointing to deliver.

Love is what determines the limit of what faith can deliver.

Love is what powers vision to deliver.

Loving God without any reservation. Loving God for who he is.

Everything in the kingdom works by love.

Matt 6:14-15 Prayer works by love.

If you are not in love, your prayer is equal to noise.

John 15:15

God would not reveal his word to you beyond your love level.

Ephesians 3:18

Psalm 16:11, Hosea 6:2

With love for God, you will no need more than three days to get anything from God.

Mysteries in the kingdom all works by love.

If we love him, serving him would become a delight.

Psalm 105:42 Lovers of God, serve him with delight.

Romans 6:16

Psalm 89:20-24

Job 1:8

The rise of kingdom solution bearers.

Job 42:10 praying for your mockers connects you to restoration.

When you love God, you will naturally love people.

1 John 4:20


1. Poseess a Next levels mentality. Think Continous Progress
Proverbs 4:18, 1 Corinth 13:9-10
No more set back. The path of the just is like a shinning light.

Psalm 84:7 Going from strenght to strength. It is revelation that sets the pace for next levels.

2 Corinth 3:18

No arrives at a future, he cannot see.

Genesis 13:15

No one arrives at a future, he is not prepared for.

2. Continue to engage with every divine instructions handed down from time to time.

2 chronicles 20:20
Deut 28:1

Luke 16:29
Hosea 12:13

Proverbs 4:13

3. Continue to put God's word to work. James 1:25, Matt 7:25

At the end it shall speak.

Isaiah 60:1-3, 22

4. Continue to serve God and the interest of his kingdom as a lifestyle.

Remain steadfast in your stewardship.

Luke 19:17-21

Stewardship is a covenant platform for continuous change of levels.

5. Continue to crave divine secrets.

Deut 29:29

Every divine secrets opens up new levels.

Demand for the revelation on divine secrets.

Daniel 2:17-19

The rise of giants would largely be on the platform of divine secrets.

One divine secret unveiled can make a star out of any dummy.

6. Continue to trust the lord until he confirms his word.

Job 13:15
Job 14:14
Job 42:10

My four quantum leap would arrive in one day.

7. Continue to celebrate the faithfulness of God, no matter what.

Be excited with God irrespective of your circumstances.

Hab 3:17-19

Mark 4:28

Something is changing irrespective of people's feeling.

What God says would always prevail at the end.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


   1.       LOVE is not hasty or impetuous. It bears pain or exists calmly. 

·         INFATUATION is hasty and impetuous. It does not suffer long.

    LOVE always does good and brings happiness and joy to the other person. 

·         INFATUATION is Susceptible to suspicion and doubt and brings unhappiness to the other person. 

3.       LOVE does not resent the other person’s progress. 

·         INFATUATION fans the embers of insecurity and resents the other person’s progress.
4.       LOVE does not seek to push itself into the spotlight, but gracefully works in humility for the general well-being. 

·         INFATUATION is seeking and self – promoting. 

5.       LOVE does not display excessive self-esteem. It is neither arrogant nor conceited. Love is not condescending towards men of low status. 

·         INFATUATION is limited in self-evaluation and thus likely to be arrogant and conceited. It could be high – handed in order to protect what is perceived as its own at any cost. 

6.       LOVE is not inattentive to good manners and proper behavior. Love enables people to be free from self-inflicted slavery (self-centeredness) sinful patterns, past hurts and other self-imposed limitations). 

·         INFATUATION is self – consuming and inattentive to good manners and proper behavior. 

7.       LOVE is not concerned exclusively with itself. It takes into consideration the other person’s interest. It listens to the feelings of others and is ready to resolve any conflict. Love makes sacrifices for the well-being of others.
·         INFATUATION is relenting, self-orienting, pursuing personal interest and poised mostly to resolve conflict from that perspective, and expects sacrifices to be made by others. 

8.       LOVE is not easily angered. Love is gentle and soft with words even in the face of provocation. 
·         INFATUATION is a fertile ground for offenses as the partners are only “in love” with a false idea. Expectations are often disappointed. 

    9.       LOVE does not keep record of wrongs. Love understands that no one is perfect.

·         INFATUATION often dwells on wrongs committed by others. 
   10.   LOVE allows room to disagree. It cultivates an atmosphere of freedom where peace is still maintained even regarding issues involving differing opinions.

·         INFATUATION says, “My Opinion is the one that must and should be taken. I am always right.” It generates and cultivates an atmosphere of fear, which ultimately kills love. There is no freedom to express opinions differing from that of a domineering partner.
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1. Faith that commands exploits is steadfast and stable in storms. Job 27:2-6

2.Faith that commands exploits is in God's Omniscient Knowledge, not Our Limited Knowledge. Job 38:1-7, Job 40:1-2

3. Faith that commands exploits is Beyond natural human reasoning. It requires reasoning outside of natural spheres. Job 42:1-6, Isaiah 6:1-5

4. Faith that commands exploits is Rewarded after a test. It is this test that generates testimonies. Job 42:7-9, Job 42:10-11

5. Faith for exploits is Rewarded by the king. Job 42:12-13; 15-17

6. Faith that commands exploits is given and sustained by the King. Ephesians 2:8-10, Heb 12:2, John 6:44

7. Faith that commands exploits is stronger than blood. Luke 14:26, Matthew 10:37, Matthew 10:29-30, Matthew 12:46-50

8. Faith for Exploits is purified by tests. James 2:14-18, 26, 1 Peter 1:3-9

9. Faith for Exploits does not get terrified by trials. 1 Peter 4:12-16

10. Faith for commanding exploits commits the Future to God. 1 Peter 4:19

Faith is giving substance to your expectation by creating evidences with imagination.

If you can see it with your minds eye, you can attract all your desires. Simply put, believe God enough and your expectations would be granted.

Get set for a life style powered by faith in God. Have a great day

inspiring minds
     .....igniting spirits.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


📎 1). PRAYER is not a "spare wheel" that YOU PULL OUT when IN trouble, but it is a "STEERING WHEEL" that DIRECT the RIGHT PATH THROUGHOUT LIFE.


📎3). FRIENDSHIP is like a BOOK. It takes a FEW SECONDS to BURN, but it TAKES YEARS to WRITE.

📎4). All THINGS in LIFE are TEMPORARY. If they are GOING WELL, ENJOY them, they WILL NOT LAST FOREVER. If they are going wrong, don't WORRY, THEY CAN'T LAST LONG EITHER.


📎6). Often when WE LOSE HOPE and THINK this is the END, GOD SMILES from ABOVE and SAYS, "RELAX, SWEETHEART; it's JUST a BEND, NOT THE END!"




Sunday, October 9, 2016


Iron Sharpens Iron and Nothing else
Written by : Dr. Paul Enenche

Iron sharpens iron. So, look for the kind of person that sharpens you. Beware who you call your friend. Friendship is by choice and not by force. And friendship is not for fun. In the late 70's and early 80's, when believers met each other, their mode of greeting was :-
- How are you, brother?
- Have you heard about the Welsh revival?
- Did you read about Evan Roberts ?
- I saw something in 'Herald of His Coming' that just shook me.
- I read something about Smith Wigglesworth .
- Did you hear that John Hyde stained the walls of his room with the breath of his prayer?
- I read that Maria Woodworth Ether was approaching a place to preach and fifty miles from the place where she was, people were falling under the anointing..."
Those were the kinds of things we said to each other. When you heard it, it set you ablaze. Your friend might say to you, 'When I read that, I locked up myself for ten hours. I did not come out'. And you look at him, 'You said how many hours? I will see you later!' You just go into the room and lock yourself up: 'What! What am I doing with my life?'
And you go on and on. That was how we sharpened each other in those days. Iron sharpeneth iron! We learned of William Booth of the Salvation Army. We learned of Charles G. Finney riding a horse through town and everyone was crying for his or her sins...
We read of D.L Moody : They said, 'God is looking for a man to use, and he is looking for a man that will not care who takes the glory.'
D.L. Moody, a shoe maker, said, 'By the grace of God, I will be that man'... When you read that, it sets you on fire. And if you heard it from someone who read it from somewhere and shared it with you, you would be sharpened.
That was how we sharpened each other. Today, it is different. When two pastors meet, you hear things like :-
- Pastor, how is the church building?
- Have you finished it now?
- Like this neck tie of yours; where did you buy it from?
- This wristwatch is powerful!
- Who helped you to get this car?
- Can you assist me to get the car also? I like it!
- Your suit is powerful. Is it ready-made or someone sewed it?
- Who is your barber?
- I like the way you cut your hair.
These the vanities believers discuss these days - things of no eternal consequences. It is very rare before you can come into the presence of a servant of God and leave edified. We rarely hear that a person went to see a man of God, a real man of God and left there challenged, with his soul set on fire.
It is very very rare. My heart yearns for those days... A brother would read a book that changed his life and he would share the inspiration:
Have you seen Smith Wigglesworth
'Apostle of Faith'? You need to read it.
John G. Lake's 'Adventure in God'? You need to read it.
Leonard Ravenhill's 'Why Revival Tarries'? 'Sodom had no Bible'?
What about E.M. Bounds 'The Power of Prayer'?
Charles Spurgeons 'His Power in Us'?
E.W Kenyon's 'Two Kinds of Faith'?
A.W Tozer's 'In Pursuit of God'?
Oswald J. Smiths 'The Man God Uses'?
Those were qualitative materials that we advertised and used to change our lives... Who is it that is sharpening you? Who are the people around you sharpening your life? Please, watch your company. Some pastors had more fire until they entered the circle of friends they are in today. Watch the persons you call friends. Iron sharpens iron.
Nothing sharpens iron like iron.


1. There is nothing that threatens the security of a wife than the thought of another woman competing for the attention and affection of her husband. Nothing is more painful. Nothing is more disrespecting. Nothing is more insulting. Nothing is more belittling and degrading.
2. Marriage flourishes when the couple works together as a team; when both husband and wife decide that winning together is more important than keeping score.
Good marriages don't just happen. They are a product of hard work.
3. Your children are watching you and forming lasting opinions on love, commitment, and marriage based on what they see in you. Give them hope. Make them look forward to marriage.
4. Husbands: The reason why other women look attractive is because someone is taking good care of them. Grass is always green where it is watered. Instead of drooling over the green grass on the other side of the fence, work on yours and water it regularly. Any man can admire a beautiful woman, but it takes a true gentleman to make a woman admirable and beautiful.
5. When a husband puts his wife first above everyone and everything except God, it gives his wife the sense of security and honor that every wife hungers for.
6. A successful marriage doesn't require a big house, a perfect spouse, a million dollars or an expensive car. You can have all the above and still have a miserable marriage. A successful marriage requires honesty, undying commitment and selfless love and Jesus at the center of it all.
7. Pray for your spouse every day; in the morning, in the afternoon and at evening. Don’t wait until there is a problem. Don’t wait until there is an affair. Don’t wait until something bad happens. Don’t wait until your spouse is tempted. Shield your spouse with prayer and cover your marriage with the fence of prayer.
8. The people you surround yourself with have a lot of influence on your marriage. Friends can build or break your marriage; choose them wisely.
9. One spouse cannot build a marriage alone when the other spouse is committed to destroying it. Marriage works when both husband and wife work together as a team to build their marriage.
10. Don't take your spouse for granted. Don't take advantage of your spouse's meekness and goodness. Don't mistake your spouse's loyalty for desperation. Don't misuse or abuse yours spouse's trust. You may end up regretting after losing someone that meant so much to you.
11. Beware of marital advice from single people. Regardless of how sincere their advice may be, most of it is theoretical and not derived from real life experiences. If you really need Godly advice, seek it from God-fearing, impartial and prayerful mature couples whose resolve has been tested by time and shaped by trials.
12. Dear wife, Don't underestimate the power of the tongue on your marriage. The tongue has the power to crush your marriage or build it up. Don't let the Devil use your tongue to kill your spouse's image, self-confidence and aspirations. Let God use your tongue to build up your marriage and bless and praise your spouse.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


WHEN TO BE SILENT . . . And the  Bible says.

1.  Be silent In the heat of
     anger - (Prov 14:17)

2.  Be silent When you don't
     have all the facts - (Prov

3.  Be silent When you
     haven't verified the story -
     (Deut 17:6)

4.  Be silent If your words
     will offend a weaker
     person - (1 Cor 8:11)

5.  Be silent When it is time
     to listen - (Prov 13:1)

6.  Be silent When you are
     tempted to make light of
     holy things - (Eccl 5:2)

7.  Be silent When you are
     tempted to joke about
     sin - (Prov 14:9)

8.  Be silent If you would be
     ashamed of your words
     later - (Prov 8:8)

9.  Be silent If your words
     would convey the wrong
     impression - (Prov 17:27)

10. Be silent If the issue is
      none of your business -
      (Prov 14:10)

11. Be silent When you are
      tempted to tell an
      outright lie - (Prov 4:24)

12. Be silent If your words
      will damage someone
      else's reputation - (Pro

13. Be silent If your words
      will damage a friendship
      - (Prov 16:28)

14. Be silent When you are
      feeling critical - (James

15. Be silent If you can't say
       it without screaming it -
      (Prov 25:28)

16. Be silent If your words
      will be a poor reflection
      of the Lord or your
      friends and family - (1 Pt

17. Be silent If you may  
       have to eat your words
       later - (Prov 18:21)

18. Be silent If it is actually Nagging - (Prov

19. Be silent When you are
      tempted to flatter a
      wicked person - (Prov

20. Be silent When you are
      supposed to be working
      instead  - (Prov 14:23)


"BE STILL, AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD"  (Ps 46:10)  . May the grace of the Lord be with you.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


THINGS TO BLESS GOD FOR NIGERIA AT 56 DO YOU KNOW? You may already know that Nigeria is the largest black nation in the world and the most populous nation in Africa. You may already know that Nigeria has great dependency on crude oil, plus all the other opinions of David Cameron. Here are 20 unpopular facts about Nigeria. 1. Are you aware that all over the world Nigerians are setting the pace and becoming the standard by which others measure themselves? Do you know? 2. In the US, Nigerians are the most educated immigrant community. Type it into Google and you’ll see it. Not one of the most educated, the most educated. 3. 60% of Nigerians in the US have college degrees. This is far above the American national average of 30%. 4. Nigerians in US are one of the highest earners, typically earning 25% more than the median US income of $53k. 5. In Ivy League schools in Europe and America, Nigerians routinely outperform their peers from other nations. 6. A Nigerian family, The Imafidon family, have officially been named the smartest family in the UK. 7. The designer of the famous car, Chevrolet Volt, Jelani Aliyu, is a super talented Nigerian from Sokoto State. 8. The World’s fastest supercomputer was designed by a world renowned inventor and scientist, Philip Emeagwali, a full- blown Nigerian whose patency was awarded in 2015. This means Nigeria has the patency to the world’s fastest computer: a Black Nigerian. 9. The wealthiest Black man and woman on earth are Nigerians, Aliko Dangote and Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija. Both have no trace of criminal record of any kind. 10. South Africa couldn’t have ended apartheid & achieved Black rule if not for the leadership role Nigeria played. 11. Of the 3 South African Presidents who ruled after apartheid, two of them once lived in Nigeria under asylum. Both Nelson Mandela (60s) and Thabo Mbeki (70s) lived in Nigeria before becoming President of South Africa. We gave financial support, human support, boycotted an Olympics and our politicians, musicians and activists campaigned relentlessly. 12. Nigeria spent over $3 Billion and lost hundreds of soldiers to end the wars in both Liberia and Sierra Leone which the world ignored because they have no oil. 13. When there was a coup in São Tomé and Príncipe in 2003, Nigeria restored the elected President back to power. 14. Before there were street lights in European cities, ancient Benin kingdom had street lights fueled by palm oil. 15. 500 years ago, Benin casted metal alloys to create magnificent art including the world famous Queen Ida Mask. 16. Amina was a warrior queen who ruled Zaria Emirate in Kaduna state, Northwestern Nigeria 400 years ago in 1610. Google and see what she means to Africa. 17. We gave monetary gifts to Ireland during our oil boom and built a statue for France free of charge. We are not poor blacks. Nigeria is rich and don’t be lied to. 18. The first television station in Africa was NTA Ibadan (1960) long before Ireland has their RTE station. ========= Wherever you look in this great country, Nigeria, heroes abound both now and in our recent and ancient past. If all you do is listen to mainstream Western media, you’ll not get the full picture of your Nigerian heritage. Do not listen to any leader who says Nigerians are criminals, no matter who he is, or his height and position. We’re not a nation of scammers, drugs & corruption, but a people with a verifiable track record of greatness. ========== Here is what CNN, BBC, Aljezeera and western media will not tell you about Nigerians: 19. On the 7th May, 2016 at Howard University in Washington D.C history was made. Out of 96 graduating Doctor of Pharmacy candidates, 43 of them were Nigerians and out of 27 awards given, 16 went to Nigerians. The entire world still envies our uniqueness as a NATION with living together despite our ethnic diversity. One single country with over 400 languages. They will only tell you how Nigerians are scammers and cheats, how Nigerians are into drugs overseas et al. If you don’t blow your trumpet, no one will blow it for you. 20. There are over 180,000,000 Nigerians world over and only less than 250,000 of this figure have traceable criminal records. This is about 0.14% of our entire national population in the last 20 years: nothing close to 1%. Shame on global media. Listen Nigeria, don't let anybody woo you into believing that you are a criminal just because you are a Nigerian. Nigerians are NOT criminals. You are NOT a criminal. You are topnotch; second to none around the world. I am proud am created a Nigerian, thank you God. Be proud of Nigeria wherever you go. Take out your Passport with pride. Be proud of our GREEN HERITAGE. Be enthusiastic of our FUTURE GREATNESS. NIGERIA is truly a great nation. One great nation under the mighty hand of God. Yes, we may not be where we ought to be as nation, but we are certainly not where we used to be, so rejoice and be glad. #Inspiration #God save Nigeria Initiative. CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds .....igniting spirits.


October 2016: Exploits is my birthright in Christ. No one ever arrives at a future he cannot see. We share stardom with Christ. We are redeemed to reign with Christ. Revelarion 5:10 Kings do not fight on the street. Whatever picture you glean from scriptures is what defines your future. Matt 5:14-15 Salt is always sought after. There are those who right books and there are those who are books themselves. As light, you become a pace setter, trail blazer and path finder. Matthew 5:16 Either by revelation or vision, you cannot attive at a future you cannot see. Genesis 12:4 There is no age disadvantage in making exploits. You can access the realm of exploits at any level in life. Deut 28:1 You cannot arrive at a future you are not prepared for. Revelation are the determining factors of destiny. Everythings works by revaltional master keys: LOVE is this master key 1 Corinthians 2:9 Genesis 45:2 Genesis 42:10-18 The love of God would change anybody's story. LOVE is a God first life style. Matt 22:37-40 It is making God first in all that you do. Your faith will not deliver beyond your love for God. Galatians 5:6 1 Corinthians 13:3 Romans 5:5 Everything in our life works by love. John 15:15 Revelation works via your love for God. Your access to the truth is function of your heart for God. Romans 8:37, philaipians 1:21 Vision would remain paralysed without love. Love is the master key to a world of exploits. Matt 6:33 Love is placing God above all else including yourself. Luke 14:26 Love is identifying with Jesus openly, publicly, and unashamedly. Romans 1:16, psalms 119:46 Love is loving what Jesus and God loves. He loves souls been won. Matt 15:7, john 16:26, john 3:16 How powerful is love. It is the fulfilling of the law. Romans 13:10, Deut 28:1 Ephesians 3:18-19 Isaiah 60:1-22 Daniel 2:46 Kings would bow to worship the God in men like God's. Genesis 41:40-41, 2 Corinthians 8:8, 1 John 3:18 Love is practical. And this is proved via dilightsome obedience to his instruction. 1 John 5:3, lamentation 3:27 Obeying God is a delight to anyone who loves God. John 14:21 2. If you love God, you will serve him with excitement. Deut 28:48 If you are not joyful in service, it becomes a waste. Joel 1:9-12 If you love him, you will serve him with delight. Daniel 3:26 Solomon 8:8 Daniel 6:20 You cannot serve God in secret. Excrmption is our birthright in Christ. 1 Peter 2:9 There is something unique about you in redemption. Exodus 19:4-5 Obeying God makes you a peculiar people on the earth. Exodus 8:22, Exodus 9:1-7 Exodus 9:26, exodus 10:22-23, isiah 60:1-3 God would deliver us from darkness that can be felt. We shall be exempted from the plague of death. Exodus 11:7 1. Have a revalation of your ezemption rights in chriat. Acts 20:32 2. Walk in the rights of revelation. Psalm 91:1-8, Obadiah 1:17 3. Keep the love of God alive in your life. 4. Engage in covenant practice because it answer for you in the time of trouble. Psalm 20:1-4 You seeds speaks in the day of trouble. 2 Samuel 24:25, Malachi 3:10 5. Develop a covenant exemption mentality. Proverbs 23:7, 4:23, psalm 65:11 Ministration by: Dr David Oyedepo. Covenant Day of Exemption service.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


This is as delivered by the Spirit of God on the 20th September 2016 between 5:30 and 5:40am

In the month of October 2016, there shall be an outpouring of the Spirit of revelation.

The flood gates of the word shall be opened. The effect of the spoken word shall be seen,

which shall culminate in uncommon exploits. 

New seals shall be opened up, which shall culminate in a new name. 

In the 10th month, the Prophetic shall have its way and messengers of peace shall be visiting on a consistent basis. 

The word of the lord is visiting and all longstanding mountain of challenge shall be leveled and made a plain. 

October shall be a month of ENCOUNTERS WITH THE PROPHETIC. Ezekiel 24:1, 29:1, 33:21 -33 Psalm 29:1-

Our matching order in the tenth month is putting God's word to work.

It is in practicing the word to see it fulfilled in our lives. It is believing and doing the word. 


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