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The month of September shall witness a great outpouring of the rain of revelation, insight, and manifestations of the Spirit of God.
There shall be an uncommon outpouring of the spirit of grace and supplication. The passion to pray for kingdom advancement would be on a sudden increase.

By the outpouring of the Spirit
·Our foundations shall be revisited. ·Our seeds shall be planted and begin to bud as they receive the blessings from the lord. ·There shall be an unusual outpouring of God's word a season of prophetic alignment. ·There shall be the rise and move with great intensity, a Holy Ghost tsunami, culminating in sudden change in power holders. There shall be sudden wealth transfer. ·Evil leaders in all spheres of life, politics, industry, economy, sports, entertainment, media and the likes would experience this shaking.
There is an incoming change of guard in the power realm.
The hand of God is visiting the earth in an unprecedented manner.
The kind that has never been reco…


It is time to Invade the mountain of media and evacuate its inhabitants - the Hittites. The word Hittite comes from the name Heth, which means fear or terror, and these terrifying spirits are having a heyday being released over the air through the various  news or media outlets. Bad news is Satan's specialty, and twisted news is his delight. His goal is to flood the airwaves with bad news, bringing the battle to his home field, where he can easily pick off the fearful and anxious. After constant exposure to terrifying news, he can then easily inject illness into people's weakened immune systems. The proliferation of bad news is known to physically affect the heart and the immune system. The enemy's strategy is to fill the ear gate of people through media with humanistic, liberal ideologies for the sole purpose of releasing venom The word liberal means different things to different people in many nations. For me, I want to go with a definition that states that being …


We are in a time and season of the Massive Manifestation of the Spirit of Revelation. God is pouring is Spirit massively upon all flesh. We are in a time of massive out pouring of insight, knowledge and wisdom. I dare to say that we are in the four carpenter age.  as described in the book of Zachariah. This is because, God's emphasis is shifting from gospel of salvation to gospel of kingdoms. There is a sporadic revelational shift just the way it is happening in the ICT industry. In the same way ICT is turning the world into a global village, there is an outpouring of "Now insight and revelation" for the taking of nations. There is a massive outpouring of grace to move nations to the saving grace of the lord Jesus Christ. It is time for beneficiaries of the gospel of salvation to spread the gospel of the kingdom. We have dwelt on the gospel of salvation long enough, it is time to take the nations. It is not enough to cross the red sea. The red sea (the bloo…


The most important discovery of our time is the realization that we can altar our lives by altering our attitudes. In becoming effective, when we get the the person right, its easier to get the personality right. The secret to putting *You* right is getting your attitude right. When you discipline yourself to do things you need to do when you need to do them, the day will come when you can do the things you want to do when you want to do them Being healthy physiologically, and psychologically will enable you to focus on the things going right instead of the things going wrong. Becoming effective in life demands that you become:
You should say what you mean and mean what you say. Whether you said it or put it in writing, you could be trusted to do what you agreed to do. Trust is the foundation on which our relationship are built. Promise keeping is the adhesive, the substance of our character that prevents the foundation of t…


John 17:18 Luke 5:36 Exploits is strange order of accomplishments. Acts 5:15 Peters shadow healing the sick. The holy ghost empowers us for exploits. *there shall be an army of record breakers* 1 Corinthians 12:4 - 6 1 John 5:1 Isaiah 11:1-3 One Spirit but operating in diverse dimension. *The Spirit of wisdom and understanding* Matt 13:54 Mark 6:2 The spirit of wisdom is not wise talk but of mighty works. *_Wise talk is cheap, but mighty deeds are scarce._* Jeremiah 10:12 Psalm 104:24 Proverbs 3:19 Creation is the epitome of exploits. John 4:24 *Joseph* a carrier of the spirit of wisdom. Genesis 41:15, 38 The wisdom of God helps you do things others know not. It is a showing Spirit. What he shows moves from obscurity to limelight. *The Spirit of Servant hood* Philippians 2:5-9 Serving God's interest is key Isaiah 42:1-4 You do not make noise to make news. Serving God's interest in secret brings you open rewards. The Spirit of servant hood increases your tempo of s…


If all you have is integrity, you have more than enough to succeed. Even if you lose money, fame, and friendships, nothing is worth trading your integrity for. _Do the right thing because its the right thing to do._ If you loss a sale by being honest, you make a bigger sale because of your honesty. Proverbs 20:21
*_"An inheritance gained hastily at the beginning will not be blessed at the end."_* Integrity, at its foundation, is an issue of the heart. May your going out this day be directed in integrity. Your going out and coming in would be blessed. _*Continue to have faith for the day*_ Good morning.

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Real manhood is found within the heart of a man, the "inner man", his moral character, the " real man" that exudes beyond all external devices for the rest of the world to see. The quality of the inner man makes a man "real". The quality of the product depends on the quality of the material used. When quality of the material is inferior, more paint is necessary to camouflage the real product. Branding becomes a must when quality is questionable. The cheaper the merchandise, the more the paint needed. This is true for
A man of cheap character always tries to associate with, gain identity from, or control people of great talent or character. He draws upon others identities to compensate for his own lack of integrity. Whatever he has is by association with others. Since his name is untrustworthy, he is always a name-dipper. By contrast, the quality of the materials used in becoming a " real man" results in high qua…


My feelings can change as quickly as they enter. Remind yourself that these are feelings, and you can change your feelings. Your feelings are not you.... they are feelings. What _you Hear Determines What You Feel._ My world is decided by what I choose to magnify.... and that is what God says about me....Jeremiah 29:11 You can change your feelings through focus You can change your feelings through inspirational music You can change your feelings through Praise and worship of his Majesty. You can change your feelings by changing the people you are around with, who add nothing but fear, doubt and failure to you. You can change your focus by hanging around the blessed around people who inspire and build your faith. See you tomorrow for more faith in your day wordspiration. Jeremiah 29:11-13 Love from
Pastor Kayode Daniel


Knowledge only become profitable to those who think through.

1 Tim 4:15
Only thinkers make the most of knowledge.
Until knowledge is translated to products, it has no value.
All real leaders are known to be leaders.
There is a leadership seed in every child of God.
Matthew 5:13-14
Only thinkers can make the most of knowledge.
Thinkers change and mould the world.
*Scientific Giants.*

1. _Archimedes._ Came up with the law of floatation.
2. _Joseph Priestly_ 
Inventor of soda water.
3. _Albert Einstein_
The law of relativity.  Invented electric lightening bulb.
4. _The Wright Brothers_
Brought about the aviation industry.
5. _Isaac Newton_
Discovered the law of gravity.
6. _Bill Gates_

Founder of Microsoft Corporation.

*It is the thinkers world.*
We have a lot of workers but very few thinkers.
*Everything called invention is a product of creative thinking.*
IT is a function of high thinking.
It takes thinking to make great inventions.
No race is at any form of disadvantage because all brains are exactly…


Excellence either in spiritual, circular, contemporary or historical context refer to distinction and outstanding success.
Excellence can be defined personally or corporately.
Excellence is putting something extra to the ordinary.
Excellence: Maxims & Definitions
Daniel 6:3
Excellence is been selected in spite of competition
*Excellence is the possession of value or worth that exceeds your competition.*
It makes you a rare commodity.
*Excellence is the catalyst for speed.*
1 Corinth 15:9
Ephesians 3:8
2 Peter 3:15
Excellence is been chosen inspire of your unfavorable position.
The pathway to the top is the pathway of excellence.
*Excellence makes an individual to exceed those that seem to be of more advantaged.*
*Excellence is an amplifier - it is self announcing.*
It is attractive.It carries followers.It advertises people
1 Samuel 16:18
It is a show of marketable skills.
Excellence in your engagement would always attract attention.
*Excellence is not a gift*
It must be cultivated.It must …